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45 years of developing end-to-end branding solutions that are focussed on buildability.

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Vision – Value – Strategy
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Capture – Model – Assess
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Procure – Manufacture – Install
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Maintain – Upgrade – Partner

Specialising in re-brands, new developments and multi-site roll-outs, our consultancy services ensure unique and functional solutions that will bring your branding project to life.

Services include:

  • Site survey
  • Site audit
  • Visual branding assessment
  • Brand optimisation
  • Signage scheduling
  • Council permits
  • Project management

With a unique combination of both graphic design and engineering capabilities, we remove the risk of non-buildability. A distinct advantage, we are able to work with both brand agencies and our clients to develop a range of branding solutions from conceptual through to detailed construction drawings.

Services include:

  • Conceptual brand overlay
  • Brand implementation manual
  • Signage manual
  • Value engineering
  • Technical documentation
  • Certification of construction drawings

By utilising 45 years of manufacturing success, we are proudly Australian-made and create all custom signage and branding in-house. With 6 manufacturing facilities across the country and extensive trade expertise, we ensure all projects, no matter the size, are delivered and installed with consistency and quality.

Services include:

  • Development of custom signage and branding
  • Patented processes to increase project efficiency
  • Specialist, world-class machinery
  • National quality assurance program
  • National installation team
  • WHS plans to support minor and major, private or public installations
  • Complete range of safety access equipment

We understand that the branding journey doesn’t stop once signage is installed. Recognising the importance of sustainability, we offer complete maintenance and property service programs to maximise the life of the branding.

Services include:

  • National or local maintenance programs
  • General signage repair and upgrades
  • Commercial painting
  • Signage rejuvenation
  • Illumination audits
  • Electrical maintenance and lighting unit replacement
  • Neon to LED upgrades
  • Signage repair
  • Warranty management
  • Condition reporting
Rundle Mall Lantern
Igniting a vibrant city VIEW CASE STUDY
Deakin University
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Rundle Mall Lantern
Igniting a vibrant city
Deakin University
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