Product Overview.

With highly sophisticated specialist machinery, encompassed by largest manufacturing capability of any Australian signage organisation, our 6 facilities are built to enable production, assembly and storage.

New technologies and new materials are transforming the way signage is designed and manufactured. We are dedicated to assisting our clients by identifying the vast difference that can be found between quality production from a local reputable manufacturer and the foreign businesses that fail to deliver on promises and cannot resolve unexpected outcomes.

Our products are designed, developed and produced completely in-house, giving us the unrivalled capability of consistent and standardised branding on a national scale.


What is wayfinding signage?

All signage that guides people through a space or environment by way of providing directional information.

Comprehensive wayfinding systems often combine signage with maps, symbols, colours, and other communications. Increasingly, mobile applications, digital displays, RFID, and other wireless technologies are integrated to support growing customer expectations.

When do I need wayfinding signage?

Wayfinding is all about enhancing your customers’ experience. Over time, environments develop and can become more and more complex. Whather a campus site, single level site or multi-storey building, wayfinding connects your customers to your brand and your unique space.

What are the benefits of correctly applying wayfinding signage?

  • Enhance your customers understanding and experience of the space itself
  • Allow your customers to make key decisions as to the direction they choose to take within your space
  • Provide your customers with recognition once they have arrived at their chosen destination
  • Utilise technology to support the growing expectations of the modern world

How can we assist you with your statutory signage requirements?

Strategy is vital for effective wayfinding implementation.

A wayfinding system must adapt to your unique space and your customer expectations for orientation and navigation purposes. Signcraft will assist you in understanding your entire environment and where information is needed to maximise the value of your wayfinding system.

We design, create and install your complete wayfinding system to ensure your brand is consistently represented, whilst legibility and placement supports your customers’ experience – all whilst complimenting the unique surrounding environment.