Product Overview.

With highly sophisticated specialist machinery, encompassed by largest manufacturing capability of any Australian signage organisation, our 6 facilities are built to enable production, assembly and storage.

New technologies and new materials are transforming the way signage is designed and manufactured. We are dedicated to assisting our clients by identifying the vast difference that can be found between quality production from a local reputable manufacturer and the foreign businesses that fail to deliver on promises and cannot resolve unexpected outcomes.

Our products are designed, developed and produced completely in-house, giving us the unrivalled capability of consistent and standardised branding on a national scale.

Under Awning

What is under awning signage?

Any signage that hangs from a horizontal surface such as a roof or awning, anchored only at the top of the sign.

When do I need under awning signage?

Under awning signs are very effective at catching passing foot or vehicle traffic, especially in a situation wherein your business is surrounding by other similarly placed businesses.

What are the benefits of correctly applying under awning signage?

  • eye catching – attract traffic which might otherwise have missed you
  • extremely flexible in terms of shape, illumination/non-illumination

How can we assist you with your under awning signage requirements?

Because we take time to make sure we understand your customers and your brand message, we can assist you to choose a sign that not only meets your budget, but which will also be the most effective at attracting that extra foot traffic you would like to gain.

As with all signs which overhang potential foot or road traffic, we ensure that your sign meets the requirements of the Building Code of Australia.