Product Overview.

With highly sophisticated specialist machinery, encompassed by largest manufacturing capability of any Australian signage organisation, our 6 facilities are built to enable production, assembly and storage.

New technologies and new materials are transforming the way signage is designed and manufactured. We are dedicated to assisting our clients by identifying the vast difference that can be found between quality production from a local reputable manufacturer and the foreign businesses that fail to deliver on promises and cannot resolve unexpected outcomes.

Our products are designed, developed and produced completely in-house, giving us the unrivalled capability of consistent and standardised branding on a national scale.


What is a totem?

A smaller version of the monolith, a totem is a free-standing architectural structure built on poles, however it is both shorter and thinner than the monolith. All poles are wrapped and, unlike a pylon, they are not visible so that the focus is on the unique and custom design from top to bottom.

When do I need a totem?

Totems are often used to assist visitors with location recognition within a site, unlike a monolith, which is typically used out the front of a site as a key site identifier. Commonly, the use of the totem is to integrate with wayfinding to create a more unique way of directing users around a site that. Unlike standard wayfinding signage, a totem version includes the additional element of illumination and technology such as LED screens.

What are the benefits of a totem?

  • Like the monolith, the construction of the totem itself can be completely unique and allows you to replicate your identity with absolute creative freedom to make your first impression count

  • Leverage technology within the totem itself to differentiate between others in your space

  • Unique wayfinding structures that can be seen both during the day and at night

How can we assist you with your totem requirements?

At Signcraft, we proudly have a wealth of experience developing totems for a completely diverse range of industries. From design through to construction and installation, we can introduce you to a variety of opportunities to leverage technology and utilise your unique space to deliver a brand statement that supports your market needs.